Nate Pomana

Student. Leader. Developer.

Hey! I'm Nathan Pomana, a second-year student at Rochester Institute of technology majoring in Human Centered Computing, along with an immersion in Human Language Technology and Computational Linguistics.

Along with going to RIT, I enjoy taking part of various activities, like playing piano and taking part of various hackathons. Moving forward to today, I am actively looking for an internship over the summer.

What I've worked with...

What I'm exploring...


PyPad: What if we could teach coding that was geared towards visual learners? That is the goal of PyPad. Combining the Novation Launchpad and Python powered by a Rasberry Pi 3, you can create a light show to go along with music. Currently in progress.
Meal Plan Tracker: After constantly worrying how much food debit I could spend and still be on track, I created a simple JavaScript application to calculate how much you can (or can't!) spend for the day.
RegEx Site: A Web and Mobile II Project, I was team leader and we created an informational site for regular expressions. Features a regular expression visualizer and live chat. Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP.
Lasers:Protect the treasure! Lasers is a Computer Science II project to expose students to GUIs and the Model-View-Controller. Made in Java with JavaFX.


As Media Director of Bioinformatics Club, I lead ads, flyers, and social media intiatives for the club. Part of that is to also have logos to promote various meetings, such as one discussing PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), which is a process to quantify DNA. Meeting on a bi-weekly basis, we discuss everything from advancements in genetics to who can make the best cup of coffee.

Just as a regular member, Tennis Club keeps me moving. We have weekly meetings, weather permitting, to go out onto the courts and build up each other's skill level.

Code RIT is an amazing opprotunity to keep up with the latest technologies. Besides also weekly meetings, we have mini hackathons, as well as planning and running MLH hackathons, such as Brickhack 2, and 3.

Sometimes you just got to let the music out! Surround Sound is an all-male A capella group that's geared towards barbershop styles. With one of our favorite songs being an Aladdin arrangement, we sing at various events on campus, other colleges, and different venues in Rochester.